Makeover Monday Week 5…Christopher’s Take on Ann’s Viz

Well I’m back…as much as I talked about competition last week Ann has certainly been a model of consistency and graciously accepted my apology for slacking off last week…of course she is always happy to take the tiara and be crowned Viz Queen!

So here we are, 5 weeks down and still at 100% a piece!  This week’s data set presented quite a challenge in that we were only given 3 data points, no time series, and only a handful of countries.  Well 2 weeks in a row all I can say is: color me IMPRESSED!

In the data visualization/Tableau world pie charts are anathema:

See –

and the Godfather of all things viz, Stephen Few,

So the only task…stay away from the PIE!  Like a diet…I digress.

Ann definitely surprised me with the scatter plot.  Quickly we can derive value from this somewhat ambiguous data set.  The reference line easily tells me exactly how I should interpret the relationship between the employment share and the net employment growth share.

Visually it is simple and elegant.  I’m not a big fan of grid lines but in this case they work as a contrast to the beige background.  Also I’m assuming the color codes were for continent/region…an interesting and purposeful take on a limited data set.

Overall I would recommend the UK Business Insider use THIS viz instead of the 2 ATROCIOUS pie charts!

Thank you Ann for your commitment to our project, to making me a better vizzer, and for maintaining your regal demure in the midst of it all!