#makeovermonday Week 1 – Christopher’s take on Ann’s Viz

Let me begin by saying that this blog/challenge/dynamic duo has been driven by the enthusiasm, drive, and passion of my cohort Ann!  The idea sparked in my mind at TC16 when she showed off her Tableau Public and my first reaction was to nit-pick and criticize…when in reality I realized my Tableau Public page was empty and I had NEVER done a Makeover Monday!  To my surprise, and delight, Ann came right back and said “where is yours?” to which I sheepishly replied “I don’t have any” :'(…and then her words were like a bitter medicine, necessary but painful…”then do one!”

So here we are one down 51 to go…100% Club here we come!

After Ann’s gracious feedback yesterday I am once again overwhelmed with the task of rising to her ever increasing over achievement!  So here is my humble attempt:

Right off the bat I have to say I’m  a sucker for good color/color schemes!  Ann nails this.  Tableau out-of-the-box gives a wide variety of color palettes so this can often be a difficult task to manage the line between beauty and overkill.  In this same vein the consistency of colors within the viz with the lines and font is a very nice touch.  After reading an earlier comment about the “floating legends” I see that she put the text box and legend in a horizontal container below the viz, this is an excellent technique when designing for the web/server/mobile/etc. as you never know how the visualization will be rendered in its final state when you employ the floating tiles.  The last technical piece I will applaud is the use of dynamic filters:

Not only is this an extremely creative way to employ the calculated fields used and describe the visual BUT it paints the picture so beautifully.

And with that we move on to the greatest aspect of this Makeover Monday: the story!  The ability to tell a story and communicate something so vividly is an incredible talent.  Though Ann herself does not have a daughter, the way she draws you in with the title and the once again, ingenious way she uses the field names in the tool tips, shows she is genuinely concerned about this unknown Australian daughter she might have had in a former life!  She brings the data to life, opens your front door, and sits down on your sofa to have a cup of coffee with you.

If this is the caliber of vizes we can expect from Ann Jackson this year you better buckle up your seatbelt because we are all in for a RIDE!  Looking forward to seeing what else she comes up with.

To see this and all of the rest of Mrs. Jackson’s creativity peek your head in at https://public.tableau.com/profile/ann.jackson#!/ and follow 🙂

Stay tuned for more next week…until then

Happy vizzing,