On collaboration…or a loooooong way to Christopher’s take on Ann’s Makeover Monday Week 2 Viz

Perhaps I am the child of my generation…riddled with ADD, chasing endless rabbit trails, searching for the source of the mysterious light that appears and then disappears…squirrel!  Ann’s comment about “brain sweat” had me googling to no end (ahh the wonders of the internet)…to which I found these 3 images:

this is what I imagine Ann’s brain  looks like…

this was just too funny to pass up…

and this was from a short and insightful presentation on the importance of creativity and divergent thinking here.

With all that said I echo Ann’s sentiment that I am consistently amazed week after week how different our visualizations are and how the techniques and creativity gleaned from each other’s interpretation are invaluable!

So here we are week 2…Ann has done an incredible job detailing her process in creating her dashboard here  so i will not spill any more virtual ink trying to get at the what and the why behind the visualization.  Suffice it to say…

At first glance the dashboard appears a little busy and plain.  I’m not a big fan of “serif” fonts so seeing them in the titles was a bit lackluster.  Having seen some of the other Makeover Monday submissions prior to and after viewing Ann’s viz I was expecting some cool backgrounds and colors and “Apple-esque” design…then it hit me, much like Apple the beauty is in the simplicity and more so in what’s just under the surface!

Ann has already admitted that she cheated by adding secondary data sources…so I will not beat a dead horse, but just so you know Ann: I WIN!!!  All jokes aside the intuition to glean the data from Statistica on global and US smartphone trends was pure genious.  Leave it to Ann once again to drive the story with the data and creative captions.  Unlike my visualization nothing is left to the end user to decipher or dive in to.  A clear and concise visualization concentrating on one metric to tell the story, and what is MORE to give Apple the benefit of the doubt, unlike the original viz (probably by some Mac-haters) that though the trend appears that the iPhone and Apple in general may be slowing in their astronomical growth maybe the market is just saturated.  I am thankful for this beautiful simplistic design and the ingenuity to weave a complex story and create a different narrative than a surface reading of the original data.

So here’s to brain-sweats all around!