Makeover Monday Week 3 – Ann’s Take on Christopher’s Viz

We’re on week 3 of Makeover Monday and I think we can almost officially call this a habit.  I can’t reiterate enough how awesome it is to have a partner in this mission.  It keeps me engaged and accountable and I am very grateful to Christopher for that.

The spirit of participation was definitely necessary for me this week since the topic of viz was Trump’s tweets.  I won’t bring my political views to the post, but this ranks lower than visualizing sports data in my book.  (sorry!!)

Anyway – on to the viz!  We’ve got a fair amount of whimsy this week.  Right off the bat a line chart is being used to display Donald’s tweets and simultaneously resembles noise.  The placement and choice of photo makes it even more clear to me – he’s throwing more and more loud, erratic tweets out into the universe (hey, that’s what the line chart shows).

Moving through the viz, there’s a word cloud to get tweets to show up.  I like this concept.  Clicking on a word, I’m greeted with a full list of accompanying tweets.  Simplistic by design, but easy to let time slip by looking through tweets.

I clicked on ‘ever’ – and got a whole list of tweets that start with “Did you ever” and “Do you ever.”  And I now seriously believe that this is a word that Trump uses quite frequently for emphasis in his vocabulary.

I like the position Christopher took on this.  Display a little bit of how verbose Donald Trump can be, but allow maximum flexibility for someone to explore the data through guided keywords.

Now on to the workbook, which I am delighted to do this week because I now know that I’m being mocked regarding the arrow comments and this week Christopher has gone the path of using the arrow shape as a shape and not a picture.

Does this mean he’s becoming more structured?  Is there anything floating in this dashboard?  Alas, there are several floating objects, which makes me realize that I need to explore float for real.

Digging deeper, what I’m really intrigued by is how the words were extracted from the entire tweet text.  Looks like this was done in Alteryx and added in.  So Christopher, we’re dying to know a little bit of detail on the Alteryx data processing that occurred!

As someone who is actively interested in learning more about Alteryx and all of it’s power – please pass on to us some of this wisdom!

I’m keeping this post short, but I want to pause and comment on evolution of style.  I can already see how Christopher’s style and creativity is shifting and changing as the weeks go on.  I’ve experienced this myself (so maybe Christopher you’re going through the same thing) – but participating in these week after week is becoming easier and I am feeling more comfortable creating what I want out of it.  The paralysis of living up to the community is dying down and I am able to get down to vizzing much faster.

I can’t wait for next week (and to move on from this week)!